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Are you ready to find your souls purpose and release your core wounds so you can reach your full potential? 

 You are feeling lost or stuck, unsure where to go next, you’ve read all the self-help books and been to some workshops but still feel confused about who you really are and how to reach your full potential…


You are feeling overwhelmed  by your emotions or even paralyzed with anxiety, fear, doubt, worry, so that even navigating through your day seems challenging..


Are you so unsupported in your journey that you are left feeling like you are stumbling alone in the dark? 

 Believe me, I get it… It seems like finding your path in life has never been more difficult. What once felt like a straight line towards success can become a zig zag of missteps, roadblocks and second guesses.


Sometimes our spiritual journey can feel like we are lost in the wilderness, stuck in uncharted territory and if we don’t have enough support, help and guidance, we are left, struggling  and overwhelmed with anxiety and stress.

The truth is, it’s nearly impossible to find your path alone.  We all need a guide and a community to help us through rough patches and help us find out path through the wilderness.

That’s where I can help.



I believe you have the capacity, the ability and the power to achieve your dreams, goals, purpose and desires! I want to help you find peace and balance in your life.


I know that when you're living with anxiety, stress, or depression, it can feel like nothing will ever be okay again. That's why I'm here: to help you find new ways of looking at the world, and yourself.


I'll show you how to live more fully in the present moment, even if that means experiencing some discomfort along the way. And once we've done that together, we'll explore what lies beyond your current state of being—what else might be possible for you?

“Val was amazing! Her intuition brought me to tears as her insights were spot on and it ca

Your Journey of Health and Wellness

does not need to be alone



I believe that the healing and health of your body begins with a deep integration of mind, body and spirit. I help my clients to move toward their optimal healing by working holistically with them. Using nutrition, movement and soul work I will guide you to experience your own most integrated state of health.

We will go deep into your subconscious mind, to release the blocks that are holding you back. Using hypnotherapy and EFT we can help you transform with ease into your true potential. We use a variety of techniques including reiki, timeline therapy, heart math and more to help you heal and become the person you want to be.


As an Intuitive Transformational Coach, I utilize all of the holistic modalities I have learned over the last 20 years to bring you transformational change within minutes. 

As a holistic health coach, Hypnotherapist and Reiki practitioner, I will personally guide you to making simple health-promoting adjustments that produce real and lasting results. Working with your whole body to maximize your healing potential. We’ll create your health goals within reasonable time frames and actionable objectives so you know exactly what you are working toward. Each session will leave you feeling inspired and motivated. 


Let’s define what you value most and seek to bring balance to important elements in your life. 



Sarah Y.

​Having done a few remote reiki sessions with Valerie I can speak to how amazing she is! Don’t ask me how it works but the emotional peace and spiritual clarity that comes from her work is incredible. Definitely recommend the experience to anyone!


Kyleen B.

I just received a distance Reiki session from Valerie and it was absolutely amazing! It was so relaxing and I felt quite a bit of release in areas that were blocked for me. I realize that Reiki "feels" differently for everyone, but it was definitely an experience I'd recommend! She followed through afterwards with some insight she had gained during the session. All in all, amazing!!!


Naomi S.

Remote reiki has helped me find peace and calming in my life especially during my own meditation time.... Valerie has compassion; intuition and leads from the heart to share her passion and experiences.

New to Mindful Wellness is my "BE" Collection. This collection is embroidered on shirts and hoodies as a reminder to BE in the moment. Be here now. 

Which one is your favorite?

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