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experience a safe non-judgmental space to freely express who you are

Just as the caterpillar has to turn into goo in order to become a butterfly, we have to experience the mess before we can find our way out of it. We have to embrace that mess as we work together towards a common goal—a goal that will make us stronger than ever before.

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Intuitive Transformational Life Coach

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Finding your path in life has never been more difficult. What once felt like a straight line towards success can become a zig zag of missteps, roadblocks and second guesses. The reality is, there is no set path that works for everyone. We all have to figure out what’s right for us by navigating our own way through uncharted territory.

I know you have the capacity, the ability and the power to achieve your dreams, goals, purpose and desires! My mission is to bring more balance, peace and harmony into your life - through experiential therapy that empowers YOU to reconnect with who you really are.

Image by Keren Fedida

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